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Mad Max Blower

Sumner Car Show


I dont usually go to car shows, but I was out and about one day and saw this one. There were many beautiful cars and you could tell the their owners had put a lot of work into restoring them.

Beware the Racoons

Blake Island Washington


Blake Island is located in Seattle's Pudget Sound is a small, 475-acre park accessible only by boat. Blake Island sports many recreational activities including camping, hiking and wildlife viewing. Additionally, Blake Island offers some unique photographic opportunities including a unique view of the Seattle skyline in addition to a closer view of the Olympic Peninsula. With only access via boat there is a ferry that...

Hole in the Wall

Little City of Rocks


The little "City of Rocks" is located near Gooding, Idaho is formed from volcanic ash hoodoos. This little known area is a hidden treasure. Known mostly by the local inhabitants of the area, this area is not frequented by too many humans, which makes it nice for photography. I had a unique opportunity to visit this area with my Dad who lives in Southern Idaho...

Black and Yellow Butterfly

Pacific Science Center Butterfly


The Seattle Pacific Science Center features a butterfly exhibit. There are a variety of butterflies in the interactive exhibit. This is truly a first hand experience for both kids and adults.

Mount Si from Borst Lake

Mount Si


Mount Si overlooks North Bend Washington. One of the longest hikes I have been on with the greatest amount of elevation change over a short distance. It is nice to look at Mount Si from the bottom sometimes.

Golden Priest Lake Sunset

Upper Priest Lake


Priest Lake is a popular destination and is truly one of the crown jewels of Northern Idaho. Everything from boating, camping and cabins, Priest Lake is a popular destination for my vacationers looking for a nice water front destination. But a lesser known, and more remote area is Upper Priest Lake, accessible only by trail or boat is a fantastic remote area to visit.

Why I Refuse To Use Wordpress

Why I Refuse To Use Wordpress


Oh wordpress, how I have come to loath you. I have worked with many clients over the years who continue to want solutions built on Wordpress. At first this was not a bad idea, and made perfect sense, kind of like Microsoft Sharepoint made sense, ok, I take it back, Sharepoint never made any sense. The basic idea was to take software, built for blogging...

Jackson Street Snow Storm in Seattle

Snow Day in Seattle


Seattle does not usually receive a lot of snow. But on rare occasions, about every ten years a big snow storm will create a winter wonder land of downtown Seattle. It is a pretty amazing, surreal experience.

Colchuck Lake at Sunrise

Riding the Dragon Tail


Possibly one of the more spectacular hikes I have been on, hiking to the summit of Dragon Tail Peak in The Enchantments out of Leavanworth, Washington was probably one of the more difficult places to reach. Reaching Dragon Tail peak is easiest via the Stuart Lake Trailhead#1599. The trail starts out as an easy climb, but then toward the end you begin a rapid ascention...

Rainier Tower

Rainier Tower


The Rainier Tower is probably one of the oddest buildings in downtown Seattle. The 41 story building has an interesting architecture built on an 11 story concrete pedestal base. The building looks as if a beaver has chewed the base.

The City Television

Seattle Mirror


Seattle is always a changing city. New buildings seem like they are errected every year. On my way to work today, I captured this particular building due to its amazing reflection.

Lake Easton

Teanaway River


Up the Teanaway River, out of Cle Elum, Washington you will find some of Washington's coolest places. At the start of the North Fork of the Teanaway River, the trailhead to Lake Ingalls begins. The trail to Lake Ingalls is a popular trail where the parking lot is often overflowing with just about any type of SUV known. Looking to get away from people, you...

The Backpacking Photographer

The Backpacking Photographer


There is nothing quite like being in the outdoors, experiencing nature first hand. For myself, I endeavor to capture these inspirational outdoor moments as much as possible. With so many options for cameras including your phone to a DSLR camera, you have so many choices from which to choose for camera gear. I have been hiking/backpacking in Washington, Oregon and Idaho all my life. Reaching...

Tractor in the Snow

Palouse Winter


Winter on the Palouse creates an interesting landscape. Tranforming large rolling hills of the Palouse, snow creates a unique landscape.


Hungry Spider


There has been a spider that has taken residence outside my apartment. It built a couple of webs, but looks like this one paid off.

Seattle Rainbow

Rainbow City


The amazing thing about Seattle is the weather. The weather is different every day which creates some amazing photography opportunities and of course challenges. On my way to work one morning there was an amazing rainbow over the sound. As I passed the interesections I would catch a glimpse of an colorfull rainbow.

Peter Iredale Bleached Bones

Peter Iredale Ship Wreck


The shipwreck of the Peter Iredale located near Warrington, in the Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon remains a favorite destination for vistors of the park. Only the bow and some of the ribs of the ship are still visible, but it is enough to create an interesting spectactle on the beach.

Snail Racing

Snail Racing - Review of an Old Lens


I decided to post some pictures from a Sigma Macro lens for Canon mount that I purchased off of Ebay. Something that I enjoy about the Sony camera system (A6300,A7R,A7RII) is that they made it so easy to use just about any lens on this camera. Of course, your mileage can vary but it is good be able to use some old glass on a...

Summit Lake Fog

Second Attempt at Summit Lake


I made another attempt at capturing the towering Mount Rainier over looking Summit Lake with an amazing reflection on water as smooth as glass. Unfortunately, this area has a lot of promise in terms of photography, but the weather always fails to deliver. Heavy winds in the evening created challenging shooting conditions. I am not sure if I want to try a long exposure with...

Borst Lake Mount Si Jungle Railroad

Cloudy North Bend Day


Woke up early to take photos of Mount Si from Borst Lake/Old Mill Pond. It is a pretty popular spot and if you have not seen the images, well they are spectacular. I made an attempt to add my own impressive set of photos of Mount Si from Borst Lake only to be sadly disappointed. A photographer once told me, you cant fix bad light....

Sheep Lake Short Cut

Seven Devils


Seven Devils is one of Idaho's sweet spots for backpacking. With peaks named she-devil and ogre, you gaze in awe at their towering presence. The Seven Devils are located in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and are a favorite destination for many hikers. The views are breath-taking where you can look into one of the worlds deepest canyons while gaze at rugged peaks well...

Bighorn Crags Alpine Lakes

Bighorn Crags


The Bighorn Crags are comprised of towering granit peaks and many alpine lakes. They are also the crown jewel of the vast 2.4 million acreFrank Church – River of No Return Wilderness. There is no where like it in the continental United States. With over 2500 miles of trail, one could spend many weekends before you exaust the trails in this area. Additionally, this area...

The Young Forest

Evening on Mount Si


Mount Si is climbed by over 100,000 people per year who venture up 3,100 verticle feet in just four miles. The trail has become a popular climb if anything to attain bragging rights that they climbed the moderate to difficult trail. After hearing about how difficult this trail was, I decided I was ready for the challenge. I packed up my camera gear and headed...

Star Fields

Highway 26


Highway 26, the route I have traveled many times between Pullman and Seattle.

Where Did the First Stack Go?

Rialto Beach


Rialto Beach is located on the Olympic Peninsula just North of the famous La Push beach. You may recognize the name "La Push" if you are a Twighlight movie fan (if not there is a beach scene in the movie). The beach features many rock formations or stacks, including a rock outcrop called hole in the wall in addition to many tide pools. Rialto Beach...

Seattle Sounder at Sunrise

Welcome to Seattle


My first week in Seattle at my new job. I remember waking up early in the morning, eager to begin my first day on the job. Begining my day, I was filled with typical first day anxiety but at the same time excited about my new job.

Lady in the Lake

Moose Creek Reservior


Moose Creek Reservior is a small "water hole" for the locals around Boville, Idaho. It is a popular destination for a the weekend because of its proximity to Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington. The lake is not that big, but teams with wildlife and presents decent fishing opportunities, especially for kids. I had never been before, but knew that it would be a fun camping...

Staircase Campground

Lake Cushman


Located on the north fork of theSkokomish RiverLake Cushman is a expansive lake that is a popular destination for campers. Stair Case campground is located at the head end of the lake, which is very busy. Dont forget your wallet, as camping is 20 dollars per night plus a steep entrance fee for vehicles.

Black Rock of Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint Idaho


Sandpoint Idaho is one of those places you just need to visit to appreciate. Located next Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint, Idaho is full of awesome landscapes any time of the year.

Rotary Grocery

Pikes Place Market


Working downtown Seattle has its share of benefits, including being near the iconic Pikes Place Market in the historical district of Seattle. This thriving market place provides the store front for many traditional vending opportunities including a fish, flower and vegetable markets.

Palouse Lentil Field

Palouse Perspectives


The Palouse is a unique area. From a geology perspective, there is really no where like it in the world. The unique geology combined with a diverse climate creates some of the most unique photographic opportunities. In the spring, the hills of the palouse start out green covered in mostly wheat or lentils with small pockets of ponderosa pine. As summer progresses, the wheat becomes...

WSU Bryan Hall

Washington State University Life


I worked at Washington State University for almost ten years. Almost every day I would pack my lunch, and enjoy my less than ten minute commute to work to a job where I was responsible for supporting research computing environments. Although I am no longer employed by Washington State University, I am certainly glad I would bring my camera to work to capture some of...