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Seems like every year Apple releases yet another phone.  I am a pragmatic person and usually and I am not usually impressed by the features provided by IOS devices, including the camera.  Despite my critical assessment, I actually was able to use the new IPhone 7 for a short period of time but I have to say the entire camera package from the lens, camera sensor and even the software were surprisingly amazing.   

This review only covers the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 has one 12-megapixel iSight camera, but its performance is much improved over the iPhone 6s. The phone features a wider aperture lens, f1.8, which alows in more light for better photos in low-light conditions than the iPhone 6s’s f2.2 lens. The iPhone 7 also has optical image stabilization, which used to be confined to the larger Plus models. The TrueTone flash is also 50 percent brighter thanks to four LEDs, and Apple says it can even compensate for the subtle flickering of indoor lighting.  


None of that changes how you actually use the Camera app—it’s just easier to get a good photo without any extra effort. Colors look amazing on the screen, and the iPhone 7 captures the wider P3 color gamut. (iOS 10 even lets third-party apps capture RAW data from the camera, but the stock Camera app still saves images as JPEGs.) My low-light photos show more detail, and daytime photos look better thanks to the vibrant color and the optical image stabilization.

 Image Comparison

The IPhone 7 handles low light situations much better.  Compared to the IPhone 6, the camera is able to pick up more color producing a more realistic image. 

http://cdn.visualintrigue.com/articles/	iphone7_camera_cars.png

The dymanic range is much better in the IPhone 7.  In addition to the vibrant colors produced by the camera, your favorite sunset pictures can be captured for almost an HDR (High Dynamic Range) look.  

Trucks Iphone 7 

I also loved how quickly the camera can refocus itself when you’re composing a photo or shooting a video. I loved getting close-up on, say, a flower, and watching how the background of the image became soft as the camera focused on the subject.  Normally in photography, a soft background is referred to as bokeh.  Then I’d pull back until the focus snapped to the entire plant. Video also benefits from the optical stabilization in the IPhone 7.

You can pick up an unlocked IPhone on Amazon.com.  I prefer to buy unlocked phones as I dislike chaining myself to a carrier.  Freedom of Choice is what it is about.  Click the link below to find your IPhone 7 on Amazon today.

Apple iPhone 7 Unlocked CDMA/GSM 32GB A1660 MNAC2LL/A - US Version (Black)My imageMy image


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